Testimonial for Pet Reiki

"Anyone that has a pet knows how they become part of the family and as
part of the family would try anything if we thought it would help. Reiki is just
such a wonderful process that is extremely beneficial.

My father had a 14 yr old yellow lab named Sandi who went everywhere with
him. I was taking care of her while my father was on vacation in Alaska. She
became very ill so I took her to the vet. After hydrating her they found a
mass in her abdomen, she also had arthritis in her hips due to Limes
disease. Because of her age and arthritis we decided no surgery but to keep
her comfortable. She was still quite ill when I took her home that evening and
Greg came over to do Reiki. I figured it couldn’t hurt. She immediately
responded positively, moving more easily, eyes brighter, even eating,
drinking and walking outside.

She received one more treatment that week before my father returned. He
was expecting the worst when he came in but was greeted by a happy dog
moving better then when he left. We kept up the treatments monthly or
sooner if she needed extra and she lived comfortably until she was ready to
go a year later.

Reiki eased the pain making it easier for her to move, she was also more
relaxed if Dad wasn’t home and in turn it helped us. I would highly
recommend Reiki for any pet as well as myself (I have had Reiki done on me
and find it beneficial too).

Greg thanks for being there for Sandi and us."

I had been seeing another Massage Therapist but felt that I needed more energy work
incorporated into my sessions.  It was a chance encounter that I stumbled across
Gregory.  Am I glad that I have!  Gregory is very perceptive and in just three sessions, I
have experienced amazing results.  I have more mobility, a more profound sense of calm,
and truly feel that his sessions are assisting me with health issues that I have recently
faced.  I began to see Gregory due to issues with my lower back.  Together (and I mean
together as Gregory is VERY focused on the thought that WE do the work), other
unknown issues with my body have come to light.  Gregory's work has allowed me to
concentrate on my current state of mind, nutrition, and become more focused on what the
root causes of the issues may be.  Gregory's "medicine" is what I have needed for a long
time and I am committed to ensure that the work that we do together remains on the
forefront of my healing.  Not only does Gregory incorporate additional modalities into his
work, he incorporates compassion.  His goal is to ensure that you reach your goals.  I for
one am very happy to have this newfound partner assisting me in my body and energy
work.  I highly recommend Gregory to you or to anyone who is looking for a holistic
Massage Therapist practitioner. "

Dan Plourd
Windham, Maine
As someone who has had many massages, of different types and styles I didn’t know
what to expect from Gregory.

I had heard through the grape vine that he was one of the most intuitive Massage
Therapists in the North East, so of course I had to travel 3 ½ hours to find out for

Upon entering Sage of the Light, I was greeted with a warm, welcoming, calming
Gregory introduced himself, we chatted a bit and made and instant connection.
When he asked about specific area’s that I would like him to work on, I responded
with, “You tell me.”
( I wanted to find out for myself what all the buzz was about and see if he could live up
to his intuitive reputation.)

Giving me a choice of lotions and oils, I let him choose for me.
He started at the base of my skull and worked his way to my toes explaining to me
(because I asked) what he was finding.
Gregory was 100% spot on with everything!

The hour flew by; I left feeling completely relaxed and energized!

If it’s a quality, full spectrum massage that you crave, I highly recommend Gregory
Phillips and Sage of the Light.
Gregory is a gifted massage therapist!

I will be going back again, soon!

~ Kim

I am often up during the night - there is a rather reflective peace about it.  
And couldn't help but smile to myself in the early hours of another dawn
and have such a wonderful feeling about yesterday.

Thank you both for reminding me I am such a vital part of something so
much bigger than myself.  I am left feeling I wouldn't want to be anyone
else or have traveled a road different than that which is behind me as
each step has brought me closer to who I am supposed to be and what I
am supposed to accomplish in the greater good of things.
And, left me ready for the road ahead whatever the twists and turns.

Both of you in your respective gifts brought me a deeper understanding
and helped me to remember a strength which has always been mine, but
too often is forgotten in the debris of everyday life.

I love you both and just cannot find the words to express how grateful I
am that you love me too!

Psychic Party?  I bit cliche', you two help to manifest Epiphanies.

Bright blessings and see you both soon,
I injured my back on the job more than ten years ago and have been
having problems with it ever since. Since I lead a lifestyle that
encompasses occasional heavy physical work, at least twice a year I
"tweak" my back (i.e., I strain the muscles or irritate the sciatic nerve,
but do not reinjure the discs). At which time I normally endure at least a
couple of weeks of pain, lack of sleep, inability to walk my usual miles,
difficulty doing my back exercises, and lots of applications of ice packs
and comfrey oil, until I eventually heal.

The day before Greg gave me the healing massage and reiki, I had
tweaked my back and was in quite a bit of pain, with my sciatic nerve
singing Brunhilde's aria from Die Valkyrie. After Greg's treatment, I was
able to sleep well that night, and the next day there was no pain in my
back at all! I was able to walk two miles, normally and without
discomfort, and do my usual half hour of back exercises painlessly and
with my normal range of motion.

Thank you so much, Greg! Your expertise, insight, and gentle energy
have saved me from weeks of pain!

Judy Loeven
Hi Greg & Ralph,

I just wanted Greg to know that I am still able to walk (since
Sunday at Susan's) and loving every moment of it.  I still cannot
get over how incredible it feels to be able to move my legs
again, it has been over 1 year since I injured my knee and no
one has been able to help - but 10 minutes with Greg, and I am
ready to take on the world again.

I have passed on your card to someone who could really use
your services - hopefully she will see that it is REAL.  She sees
me every day and is in AWE that I can walk so well.

Thank you both for a great day - it was nice to see you again -
cannot wait for the next time !!!