What is Reiki?

Reiki: "The Universal Life Force Energy"

This energy is all around us and at times many people tap into this energy to help them though tough times
and help them heal. When using this energy to help people heal I feel like I am not alone. I feel like I am one
off many but never alone. When people receive Reiki energy they may feel at peace with themselves and
very relaxed. For each person there will be a different way of perceiving the energy and some do not feel it
at all and that is ok because Reiki will work no matter if you feel it or not. This energy works towards your
highest good if you allow it to work with you. With Reiki energy it will not work if you do not want it too.
Yes on the outer surface you may want the Reiki energy to work but on the deeper level, the soul level if you
want to call it that. That is where Reiki works it works from the core of your being because if the core is
not whole the physical will not be well.

I work with the life force energy to allow the body to experience a heightened sense of healing from within.  
For each person the experience and healing will be different.  Reiki works for the highest good for the
individual.  It helps to align the emotional body and physical body to promote a joining so healing can take
place.  Balancing the energy within allows the removal of negative energy and replacing with the positive
energy.  Energy may be shifted during a session from one part of the body that has access to another part
that the need is greater to find a balance.