With Polarity you do not have to get undressed it is done full clothed.

When you come in for a Polarity session it will last 60 minutes. That is does not include an intake and an
outtake. If this is the first time in I will have you fill out paper work and that includes a medical intake
form. Also in the intake I will ask you some question about how you are feeling and overall how you are
doing. Then I will have you get on the table and work on you. After the session there will be an outtake.
The outtake is where I share with you what I found blocked energy.
Polarity works on every level. Although the work is done on the physical body, there is no separation between the
body, mind, emotions, and the Spirit or life force. When the Life Force is block in our body it effects the body and
mind. With polarity it helps unblock the life force so it can freely move and our body can start to heal itself. When
our energy is blocked it will affect us on the physical level, which in turn shows in our entire being of life. Lets
just say when we are stressed, everything and everyone we see and feel our stress or what if We are depressed
every one around us feels and returns the same negative energy. That is blocked energy in our life force. Free the
energy and be at peace with our selves and it Will change the world around us. Because we are but a reflection in a
world that we create.