Massage is the rubbing or kneading of parts of the body  to aid circulation, relax
the muscles. Here are so of the beneficial effects of massage.

  • helps relive stiffness and tenderness of a area of the body
  • Mental strain is reduced and a feeling of relaxation is achieved.
  • Helps with Range of motion

This are just a few of the benefits to a regular massage.
A massage will last 60  or 90. That does not include the intake and the outtake.  You
should plan on being in my office for about 30 minutes over you massage time.

When you receive a massage from me there will be an intake. An intake is getting information
before the massage so I can plan a session that is tailored around you and what would best
support you. If it is you first time for a massage with me I will have you fill out paper work that
includes a medical intake form. That way I will know if there is anything that is in your medical
history that by receiving a massage would not be advised with out doctors approval. The intake
takes about 5 or 10 minutes. After the intake I will leave the room so you can get undressed to
your comfort level and get under a sheet and blanket. The only part that will be uncovered is the
part I am working on at the time when I am finished with that body part I will recover it and uncover
the next one. After I am done with the massage I will leave the room and have you get dressed
and after you are dressed there will be an outtake. In the outtake I will talk about what I noticed in
your muscles which ones was tight and I will give you ways to help them when you are at home
between massages.